Hi! I am Sarah Mari Shaboyan

Visual art is a language of communication, and my style in drawing is my own language. It is my physical means of seeing and perceiving the world, and of expressing what I see.

According to me the fundamental thing in visual art is sincerity. 

It immediately touches the beholder and inspires confidence in the author. 

Reproducing harmony through chaos and dozens of lines is a challenge for me in visual art. Noise and crowds can be seen as harmonic. Colorless and identical buildings can create a rhythm.

I like to draw with a pencil as it gives me unlimited freedom, although I still like to maintain a little control over the process.

When your works travel around the world, appearing in countries where you yourself have not been and do not even know if you will ever be, you feel "spatial", more and bigger than your personal self. It is as if you become tiny particles and live simultaneously in all the places where your works are.